I’m Sarah Tressler Cusack, a journalist from Texas. I hold a Master’s in Journalism with a concentration in magazine writing from New York University. I previously worked as a writer and reporter for several publications, both local and national, including Us Weekly, LA City Beat, Houston Chronicle, Houston Modern Luxury Magazine and San Antonio Express-News.

I reside in Houston, but, for my own work and on my own dime, have traveled to Baltimore to cover the aftermath of the Freddie Gray riots and to Waco after the shootout between the Bandidos and the Cossacks at Twin Peaks.

As a former stripper, I typically start my reporting at local topless bars and cabarets, talking to the dancers, and their managers, about how the incident has affected their business and their lives, and using tips from them to pursue further leads in the community.

I get┬ástories from people that mainstream news media might ignore — strippers, outcasts, the homeless, etc. I believe the people who exist on the fringes of our society┬ádeserve to talk about their experiences as much as anyone else. And I give them a chance to have a louder voice.